Thursday, August 26, 2010

SMART Lessons

I am asked several times a day for resources with SMART Board lessons! I am so proud of teachers for wanting to seek out content which is engaging and can motivate students in their classrooms! We need to continue to seek interactive resources which can support what we teach in our school environments. If I can make your search a little easier then I have accomplished my goal.

I composed a list of sites which include SMARTNotebook lessons or interactive whiteboard activities to meet your classroom needs. Always remember to cite your sources!

Teacher Websites with Interactive Whiteboard Lessons:

*Scholastic SMARTBoard lessons:
*SMART Games, Templates, graphic organizers and such..
*TeacherLed All Interactive Whiteboard Resources:
*Longwood Elementary SMARTBoard Lessons:
*Harvey's HomePage- Great lessons to download:
*SMART Exchange (Need to create an account-but great resources!)
*SuperTeacherTools- contains interactive games:
*SMARTBoard Lounge Lessons:
*PBS Interactive Whiteboard Sites:
*SMARTBoard Math Activities:
*MisterTeacher MiniMovies for SMARTBoards:
*Templates for your SMARTBoard!
*Lesson Plans from Tangipahoa Parish Schools:
*Wiki full of Resources:
*Unifix Cubes for Math:
*Secondary Math Galleries:
*Center Teachers Galleries:

If you have any sites you would like to see added to this list, please email me the link and I will add it, Keep in mind this list is not all the resources available out there. I just tried to select some of my favorites that I find to be well organized, easy to navigate and which have quality content.

Thank you for doing what you do for kids!

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