Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Educators Make A Digital Wish!

We don't receive many perks in the field of education and we frequently have to stretch a dollar. The website Digital Wish is for nonprofit education. You can make a wish here and then the site will collect money towards your wish. They also sell to educators for discounted rates.

The latest item is a 2 for 1 digital flip video camera! You have to register and they will confirm you are a teacher before you are allowed to purchase.


  1. Having technology tools in the hands of students makes the learning more real for them. Having cameras to shoot video or even still photos and a computer to immediately upload the images to, then creating a slide show or other method of publishing, enables students to instantly see the fruit of their labors. Students learn how to create their knowledge in this manner. Isn't this the purpose of education?

  2. I agree. This site provides a cheaper way for all of us to obtain the tools we would like to have but frequently are unable to afford. I agree KBH. We enjoy having the tools so students can create their own projects!